The Bible calls Christians to prefer one another, edify one another, and challenge one another. These things are so important to being a positive influence for Christ. This week, we have five quotes on building up others. You can build up others in many ways:

  • Believe in others
  • Show that you care about others
  • Help others to grow

The following clippings are taken from a book called Be a People Person. I hope these quotes help you live out “Others First” in everyday life!

1.On Noticing Others

At any gathering you will find two types of people—those who arrive with an attitude of “Here I am!” and those who possess an attitude of “There you are!” It doesn’t take long to notice that people flock to the “There you are!” people.

2.On Compassion & Action

Here’s the sequence: Jesus went, saw, felt, and cared. It’s only when we go and expose ourselves to various situations that we will see enough to develop the concern necessary to move us into action.
It’s difficult to become motivated to help people without first seeing and feeling their needs. The secret is to spend time with them. Only when you go and see will you feel and do.

3.On Helping People Overcome

What can you do to help people with their problems? First of all, encourage them to face their problems. Too often people would rather flee them, fight them, or forget them.
Second, encourage them to solve their problems. Use the following acrostic to teach yourself to help other people with difficulties.
T Tell them it takes time.
E Expose yourself to their problems in order to relate to them.
A Assure them of your confidence in them.
C Creatively show them how to deal with their problems.
H Offer hope to them through the process.

4.On Leadership & Encouraging People

Leadership is influence. If something new, exciting, and interesting is happening in your life, you will want to share it. In doing so, you will influence others and they will want to follow your lead. What happens to you speaks of your circumstances. What happens in you speaks of your character. And what happens through you speaks of your charisma.

5.On Putting Others First

There is no question that Jesus was and is highly exalted. But it began with the deepest of humility. Remember: Charisma is being more concerned about making others feel good about themselves than you are in making them feel good about you!