Over the past decade, God has allowed us to grow as a church. We realize that this growth is not to build our own kingdom, but to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. We have the privilege to support more than 60 missionaries who are taking the gospel to the world. We are so grateful for our people who have made the financial support of world evangelism a priority in their lives.

In addition to foreign missions, we desire to help establish new churches in the United States.

(Where available, Click on the missionary’s name for more information/website)


Young Ho Lee – Korea
Russell Stanford – Japan
Calvin George – West Indies
Craig Davidson – Indonesia
Ahmet Hernandez – Thailand
Philip Bassham – Thailand
Jonathan Facenda – South Korea
J. T. Smith – South Pacific
Katie Folden – Japan
Richard Rich – Japan
Will Hill – Japan
Ben Johnson – China
Brian Collins – Singapore
Jake Taube – Taiwan
John Walz – Taiwan
Jim Roberts – India
Jim Roberts Sr. – India
Paul Taube – India
Jordan Gazaway – India
Johnathan Marks – Japan

Middle East

Jay Ross – Israel

South America

Kevin White – Bolivia
Jason Holt – Chile
Jamie Smithey – Chile
Bruce Berry – Amazon – Brazil
Charles Nichols – Brazil
Daniel Sparks – Chile
David Gardner – Peru
Bethany Homan – Peru
Miguel Murillo – Peru
Kyle Shreve – Peru
S. David Smith – Brazil
Julio Marquina – Venezuela
Aaron Vance – Colombia
Wayne Cooke -Colombia
Patrick Henry – Argentina


Travis Snode – United Kingdom
Josep Segurado – Spain
Tom Lancaster – Europe
Elijah Soritau – Romania
Daniel Ford – Moldova
Jeremiah Cooley – Liechtenstein
Chris Waye – United Kingdom

North America

Glenn Anderson – Church Planting
Nathan Kirkman – Utah
Providence Ministries – Dalton, GA
Dean Hamby – Asst. Director
Gordon Horton – Canada
Tyson Family – Central America
Genesis Hernandez – Honduras
David Zimmerman – Canada
Allen Snare – Missionary to the Deaf
John Gherardini – US Church Recovery
Aaron Freeman – Hispanic TX
John Burnette – Mexico
Sam Hodges – Honduras
Caleb Worley – New Mexico
Van White – Mission America
Gene Wisehart – Help Ministries
Ben Mayo – Help Ministries



Kevin Hall – South Africa
Jeremy Hall – South Africa
Mark Coffey – South Africa
Stephen Underwood – South Africa*
Keith Shumaker – Burkina faso
Aaron B. – North Africa
Tyler M. -North Africa
Tony Applegates – Uganda
Vincent Agbodo – West Africa
Robert Mickey – Kenya
Wes Gazaway – Egypt
*Missionary Sent from Newton Baptist Church


Adam Gibbs – Australia